22 september - 04 december, 2011
presently i have nothing to show and i'm showing it!
OPENING: Thursday, September 22, 2011, 19.00
Curator: Eugen Radescu

Participants: Rainer Werner Fassbinder (DE), Isidore Isou (FR), Marina Albu (RO), Marina Naprushkina (BY/DE), Alfred Jarry (FR), Juan delGado (ES/UK)

"PRESENTLY I HAVE NOTHING TO SHOW AND I'M SHOWING IT!" is a commercial slogan made by Ghislain Mollet-Vieville, meant to draw attention upon the necessity of promoting art through all means so that it becomes as known as possible to the public.

The morphic field

"We refuse to discuss. Human relationships must have passion, if not terror, as foundation." (Isidore Isou). The "egregore" as a steady element of the morphic field needs an interactive game between the different specifications of concepts used in the branches of social, art, politics, economics, social, culture, the progress game, the postmodern non-action and the branches of new technologies - all imply a theoretically amplified construct. Mediation, as Jean-Jacques Gleizal says, cannot be seen as a goal per se. It systematizes the relation between art and society through raising questions concerning art's capacity to regulate or, why not, to disturb the society. Through methodological tricks, mediation interiorizes politics, but the reversed relation is also true: politics interiorizes art. Contemporary art has an essential trait: it is situated at the antipode of estheticism, which leads to a different approach , moreover, contemporary art discusses/disputes/questions democracy. The essential question raised for debate by the exhibition "presently I have nothing to show and i'm showing it!" is that that if nowadays we assist at a reconstruction of basic concepts of contemporary art, if art still is a hidden motive of cultural and moral progress of a society, if art still is an easily valuable branch whenever we speak about all forms of progress. (Eugen Radescu)

Publication: "presently i have nothing to show and i'm showing it!" with text by Eugen Radescu

Exhibition supported by PAVILION - journal for politics and culture and Grolsch.

Image: Marina Naprushkina, The Office for Anti-Propaganda, an arhive of videos, texts and picture material on the subject of political, Frankfurt, 2007. Courtesy of Marina Naprushkina.

Thursday, September 29, 2011, 19.00
Andreea Grecu & Razvan Ion

The dialogue will try to find out how deep an art scene can fall into decline and will try to see how many opportunities for development was fizzled out.

Andreea Grecu and Razvan Ion are professors at University of Bucharest. Andreea Grecu is a cultural manager and former director of Ntional Cultural Fund. Razvan Ion is co-editor of Pavilion - journal for politics and culture.

Image: Pavilion UniCredit, the building.