May 29, 2009, 19.00

Literature (especialy in Romanian) remains mostly mute when compared with contemporary art. Any exit to a large audience is automatically suspected of cheap comercialism. Surprisingly or not, the change reported in Bourriaud (2002) along with his famous series of aproaches in contemporary art can be found in a fundamental text of XIX century, were romantic poetry is described (F. Schlegel).

Some elements can be identified from a poetic approach to contemporary society, beyond the traditional aesthetics and its restrictive autonomy. This will raise an efective awareness over the literary history and the genuine poetic elements identified as functional in various areas of social and political world today.

Whether it's scrap or metaphorical, rethoric (more or less cheap), economic models, political, media is all estabilished on the basis of poetic elements and structures. For a start, anarchy and rigid conservatism, both assume victimization as a founding concept.

Razvan Tupa (b. 1975) is a poet, writer and cultural journalist. He has published a number of poetry books, has written for magazines and newspapers and is the former editor-in-chief of the cultural magazine Cuvantul.