Pavilion Rsources Room

by Răzvan Ion & Eugen Rădescu

PAVILION RESOURCE ROOM, if we report it to the definition of the archives, it’s a non-archives, personal and organizational , with no historical and objective references. Personal because the actions of the organization were for a few years, the actions created by Răzvan Ion and Eugen Rădescu. Organizational because, since 2005, PAVILION became an organization with an extended team.

PRR is equally an inspirational zone as an action one, which contains a research and documentation archives of actions/activities generated by PAVILION magazine, BUCHAREST BIENNALE and the centre for art and contemporary culture PAVLION UNICREDIT.

The content of the room (as a permanent project and also as an itinerary archive) it contains approximately 1000 instruments of research (book, publications, images, films, the documentation of the organization actions, works of art) which come from different fields.

The PRR extractions are realized in a cooperative, non-historical manner, debate different subjects and generates discoursive events, publications and exhibitions.


1. ACTION documentary archives (documentation of the organization actions organized on a Macmini with images, films, websites, organized with an access interface + publications, catalogues, books + big cardboard boxes with invitations, postcards, badges, etc). Here you will also find research files organized on topics by the curators which worked with us.

2. INSPIRATIONAL research archives (books, magazines, catalogues, newspapers, films, video + big cardboard boxes with invitations, postcards etc. + art works received from artists working with PAVILION). Here, as well, you can find the last issues of the most important magzines in the world (from grey Room, October, New Left Review, Mute to Artforum and FlashArt)

3. DROP BOX (big box where anyone can drop postcards, books, objects etc.) This will be subject of selection.

The PAVILION RESOURCE ROOM offers a reference-only facility, thus all available materials must be studied on the premises and cannot be taken out on loan.

Access and use is free of charge. Visitors are asked to mention the source when presenting their research.

Here you can download the list of the publications.