Pornographia as libertine education
Thursday, 13 november 2014, 19.00
DIALOGUE @ Pavilion
Jean-Baptiste Del Amo in dialogue with Eugen Rădescu & Răzvan Ion
Jean-Baptiste Del Amo’s first visit to RomaniaJean-Baptiste Del Amo (b.1981, Toulouse), considered to be one of the most promising contemporary French writers, Goncourt Prize laureate, will be coming for the first time in Romania, to Bucharest.

On this occasion, the French writer will meet the Romanian public in an event organized by Pavilion and Vellant publishing house.

13 November 2014, 19.00
C.A. Rosetti Street, nr. 36A (crossing with Jean-Louis Calderon street)

The Goncourt Academy awarded him the Prix Goncourt du Premier Roman for “Une éducation libertine” (A Libertine Education), at only age 28, and the French Academy, the Prix François Mauriac. Those prizes were followed by Prix Fénéon of University of Paris and Prix Laurent-Bonelli Virgin-Lire.

Acclaimed by critics and the public, Del Amo also published the novels: “Le Sel”, Gallimard edition, 2010, “Hervé Guibert, photographe”, Gallimard edition, 2010, “Pornographia”, Gallimard edition, 2013.

The talk, which will take place at PAVILION – center of contemporary art and culture, will point out the most common subjects of the well-known writer’s novels, will debate the new projects of Del Amo, and will connect literary practices with those of contemporary art. The debate will focus on the idea of literature as artistic practice and art as a narrative paradigm, and the way in which the two interact and complete each other.

The passion of Del Amo for film and photography will be the main subject of the discussion and it will be the header for the book the writer is working on.

After the dialog, the writer accepted to give autographs on the Romanian edition of “A Libertine Education”, translated by Vellant publishing house.

The dialogue will be in English.For interviews prior registration is necessary.

Event organized by Pavilion and Vellant Publishing.

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