PAVILION functioned in Piața Victoriei, at the ground floor of a “hruschiov” type apartment building – named after the communist leader of the USSR during the 1960s. After, placed between buildings which are emblematic to the type of architecture specific to Bucharest during the interwar period and also within close distance from the academic centre of the city.

Today, PAVILION is a curatorial partnership following the original idea of the organization since 1999. As

In essence, Bucharest is a palimpsest city. The traces of its history are interweaved with its structure and the conglomeration of different styles marks for a typology that is different to other European cities. The transformations and stages through which the city has gone through remain visible in the way some buildings were designed and compartmented, which left out blind walls that still remain uncovered, and also in the layouting of the streets.

PAVILION is a work-in-progress independent space, a space for the production and research in the fields of visual, discursive and performative. It is a space of the critical thinking, and it promotes an artistic perspective implying the social and political involvement of the art and of the cultural institutions.

Nevertheless, the basic function of the space will remain the concretization.


The exhibition programming is developed as a curatorial concept rather than through individual submissions or exhibition proposals. However, if you would like to keep us informed of your projects please send your information to the address: contact[at]

[Here you can download the complete presentation of our organization]

[PAVILION - center for contemporary art and culture is generated by PAVILION and BUCHAREST BIENNALE]